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Digital Marketing Internship: Why Choose Digital Deepak?

I am Megha Tiwari an intern of Digital Deepak Internship Batch- I. I am going to share my experience of Deepak’s Internship course with you here. This Digital Deepak Internship Review may help to make a better decision before joining any digital marketing course.

You are very serious about scaling up your career in the digital marketing space. A lot of Digital Marketing institutes are there. They always make a commitment regarding their best service on support, class,  and placement and charges a good amount. 

But the reality is totally different.  The trainee feels cheated in the middle of the course.  As a result, the trainee doesn’t take seriously that course and complete it only for pretending others. 

As a student of digital marketing, we either purchase online course or join an institute and it generally happens that we leave that course in mid because the teacher is not good or we do not get to work on live project or just because we cannot find time to go through that purchased online course.

Deepak Kanakaraju came up with internship where you have to be involved throughout the course duration as you invest in the course. I have paid Rs. 11800+GST in the beginning of course and Deepak pays it back with every assignment. I know that at the end of the course I would have learned in depth about practical application of digital marketing tools and I would also have my investment back with interest.

This is a one of a kind digital marketing internship and Deepak is doing a marvelous job so far, He is a great teacher and this course is need of the hour.

If you are planning to make a career in digital marketing and want to learn by doing then I recommend you to attend Deepak Kanakaraju’s 2nd Batch launch webinar on 5th Feb 2020. He will personally tell you all about course structure, fees and benefits of enrolling in course.

Register Here For the Launch Webinar on 5th of Feb.

The Price of 3 Months Internship Program.

When I enrolled,  the price of the three-month internship plus mentorship training was Rs  11,800/- including GST. During the training session, I came to know the price of a similar course in other digital marketing training institutes is higher.

Other institutions are charging more than double around Rs. 25,000 for a similar course.

I say this is the less cost as per course standards in the industry.

Number of Classes Per Week.

Deepak Kanakaraju conduct classes through online webinar. They also record the whole session and its recorded version is shared with all the interns via Email. He explains concepts and assign you some work to be done in a week before next class. You get paid for successful submission of assignment.

I personally realized some positive changes after completion of some classes and their assignments. And I feel motivated as compared to the previous month.

Support for Issues & Query.

PixelTrack provides support via the Facebook group and email. The Facebook group is the group of all interns, including team members of the institution. You can ask any query like technical, payment, review, class time, assignment in the Facebook group.

All group members are amazing.  Everyone tries to support their best. Some interns also help via individual messaging and mobile conversation. 

The interesting thing is the mentor the founder of Digital Deepak Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju himself tries to resolve the most important issue.

Placement  Assistant.

PixelTrack also has a placement.  The HR department keeps posting on the Facebook group for new recruitments.  They also support for aligning the interns with recruiters.

One intern “Anuran Das” our first batch intern got placed in a job within a month since joining.  They made it possible because they also work for other reputed organizations.

You will also learn about passive income generation methods, so you can easily apply those methods on your website and make a income stream with your job.


I am feeling a lot of positive changes since I joined this internship program. Now I am more confident to create my digital marketing path without copying others.

The price, support, and class are fabulous till now and placement totally depends on your talent.

A free course launch webinar is scheduled on 5th February 2020.  The course details will be shared in the webinar.

There might not be a second chance like this.  you should definitely register for the webinar.

The link for registering the free webinar is here.